National Design Academy

E-learning Project Coordinator

Managed a team of Instructional Designers, Videographers and Web developers responsible for producing, maintaining and improving the E-Learning modules for the academy’s online courses. Liaising with managers, tutors and students to ensure quality control and a constantly improving user experience. Also responsible for administrating the VLS and IT systems.


As a freelance contracter I have been working on large projects with international and national corporates as a part of their highly skilled teams. Below are my latest contracts.

Autonomy Multimedia

Freelancer for over 5 years

As a freelancer I have worked on numerous E-learning/Instructional Design projects. Creating SCORM packaged applications deployed on LMS/bespoke systems in multiple languages for clients such as Aston Martin, McLaren, Rolls Royce, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz etc.

Volume Global

14 month contract

During my time with the E-Learning team at Volume Global I was tasked with creating animations and quizzes using Adobe Animate, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I added to several projects during my time with Volume for their clients such as Virgin Media, OKI and DELL.


I have worked with Barry for a number of years now. Initially working with Flash, we have over the last 2 years made the transition to solutions using Adobe Edge and HTML5 for one of our clients. Barry helped me in the early transition stages to understand what the capabilities are and demonstrated how my list of requirements can be met by this approach. Barry set up a workflow for the production of assets and developing stages and supported the graphic designers with the use Adobe Edge. We have now produced two modules incorporating Edge animations and videos with Barry, both developed in such a way to allow the learner a choice of 7 languages. These modules run successfully on the client’s LMS and have been well received by users. Barry has also always tried to accommodate all achievable requests and will help as quickly as possible when urgent requests arrive.

Ilka Ellis

Director Project Management at Autonomy Multimedia

"Barry is an excellent resource and good value for money. While he comes up with some really great ideas and has certainly added much value to the creative process; unlike many "creatives" he is able to take direction and delivers what you asked for within timescales and budgets. I often know what I want and I love working with him because I am confident that dealing with Barry is going to be a smooth easy process from start to finish. If you are tempted to DIY to retain full control but don't want to spend days and weeks learning a creative tool, you might only use once or twice, then Barry is your man. He lets me get on with what I do best. Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity "

Greg Grimer

Voices In Business


"Baz integrated into our existing team and working methods seemlessly to assist us in delivering a time critical project. He understood our requirements and instilled confidence that he could get the job done with minimum guidance. The result a job delivered on time and on spec. Can't ask for more than that.

Whenever the need arises for a Flash contractor to 'plug the gap' Baz will my first port of call."

Lee Chadwick

Creative Manager (web)

Perspektiv Integrated Marketing


"Barry has always and continues to provided a first class service, on time, within the agreed budget and to a very high standard of quality. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services."

Simon Cooper

Director - GRID Global Limited

"Barry does what many other developers don’t – he delivers quality code that works first time. This means our design and technical teams can deliver quality products faster and more efficiently. If you’re looking for an experienced developer who knows what he’s doing – look no further..."

Michael Nagle

Managing Director -CredRef


"Barry Langton has worked on several projects with us, developing the programming and actionscript on our interactive teaching resources. We have always found him very efficient and professional and wouldn't hesitate recommending his services to others."

Peter Atkinson

Creative Classroom




I work primarily with HTML5 and CSS3 to build user interfaces for my clients. I have been working with HTML and CSS, in its different versions, for over ten years; I have an advanced understanding of both languages and I have kept up to date with all the latest trends such as responsive design for hand held and mobile apps.



I have been using JQuery in my user interface design for the last four years to replace Flash animation. I am highly proficient in using JQuery plugins to provide extra user experience in my website designs.



I have several years’ experience working in both these languages; I have spent the majority of my time working in the user interface side but I have found my knowledge of PHP and MySQL has helped me re-write areas of a web interface to improve the user experience.

Adobe Edge Animate

Adobe Edge Animate

I have been working closely with Edge since its arrival. Developing everything from simple animated front-end website through to SCORM compliant E-Learning multi-language sites with video, audio and interactive knowledge checks. Integrating Edge with Javascript, jQuery, JSON, Greensocks etc.

Adobe Certified Expert in Interactive Media Using Flash Professional CS6

Adobe Flash/Actionscript

Previous to HTML5 I worked for over 15 years using Flash and Actionscript. Qualified as Adobe Certified Expert in Interactive Media Using Flash Professional CS6, and as an Adobe Certified Instructor for Flash and Actionscript. Specialising in integrating with other technologies (javascript, php, mySQL, XML, SCORM, LMS etc).


GreenSock Animation Platform

Ultra high-performance, professional-grade animation for the modern web